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Mätman Check - Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it take so long time to measure among refrigerated and frozen food?
The time for the measurement reading to get stabilised depends on many factors, like the probe mass, stop face against the measured object, the amount of air in the package, etc.
Since air is a good isolator for heat conduction, an air pocket in a package could cause a long response time. The response is always faster when you measure in some type of fluid, which is always the case when you measure with the penetration probe in dishes (containing more or less water). Measurements in dishes will therefor not take more than 10–20 seconds.
When measuring cold/frozen goods you have to place the wire probe between packages, so there will be one package above the probe. Hopefully the goods in the upper package will be as close to the probe as possible. Still the paper or plastic in the package will isolate the heat conduction to the probe. Therefore such a measurement will take considerably longer time and it will take extra long time if there should be an air pocket between the goods and the package.
This depends on physical laws impossible to change. By using the wire probe, having less mass than the penetration probe, and see to that it is close to the goods, you have done what is possible to speed up the measurement.
At this type of measurement you have to count with 1–2 minutes response time. But Mätman Check will manage without attention during this time. You can leave it for a couple of minutes and then check the result.
When checking limit values you also have the possibility to stop measuring as soon as Mätman Check shows that the exact value is on the correct side of the limit, and the criterion then is approved.

Why can the temperature be different at repeated measurements in cold/frozen goods?

The exact value is depending on how well the probe is touching the goods. When you measure among cold/frozen goods, the probe is often placed between the packages. If then there is a small air pocket between the goods and the package, the reading can differ more than one degree from the actual value in the goods. The reading can also change if the probe is moved 1–2 cm depending on that the influence of the air pocket changes or the contact with the probe changes. By repeated measurement at "the same spot" the heat transfer could change over time, depending on heat flow in the air pocket or changed contact area for the probe.
Mätman Check is a precision instrument, and with repeated measurements at the same point it will read the same value within about ±0.2°C. This given that the probe has good contact with the measured object, that the temperature in the object is constant, and that the value has got time to stabilise.
If the read temperature value is close to the acceptable limit at arrival check of cold/frozen goods, you should perform an extra measurement in the goods (inside the package/cover, so called destructive measurement). This is necessary in order to get a completely reliable value, where you can disregard the influence of the package.



How do I find out if there is an IrDA unit in my computer?

  1. Right click on "This computer" (In the start menu in Windows XP, on the desktop area in Windows 2000).
  2. Select "Properties" in the menu.
  3. Select the tab "Hardware".
  4. Click on the button "Device manager".

In the "Device manager" all units of the computer are displayed. If "IR units" is in the list without any error remark, there is (at least) one active IrDA unit. Expand the "IR units" to see which unit/units are active.


My computer has Windows 2000 and the IrDA unit, bought from Eltex, will not work.
In Windows XP you just connect the IrDA unit to get it active, since the necessary driver is provided by Windows XP. In Windows 2000 you have to install the driver from the CD supplied with the IrDA unit. Enter the CD into the computer and follow the instructions. After that connect the IrDA unit to the USB connector of the computer, and it will activate automatically.

Nothing happens when I start the synchronising from the hand unit. What is wrong?
Check that:

  • the IR eye on the hand unit has got clear view to the IrDA of the computer and that the distance is max. 30 cm.
  • the synchronising program "Mätman Check Sync" is running. It’s icon will display at the task bar next to the clock.
  • the lightning on the icon for the sync. program is flashing. If not, check that the IR unit of the computer is activated (see question about this).

I disconnected the IrDA unit from the computer and reconnected it in order to synchronise, but it will not work. What is wrong?
This phenomenon is eliminated in software version 1.2. For older versions do this:

If possible, let the IrDA unit be constantly connected to the computer. When you disconnect the IrDA unit, it will automatically be deactivated, and the sync. program will not find it when reconnected. When the lightning on the icon for the sync. program is no longer flashing, it indicates a problem with the IrDA unit.

Solution 1:

  1. Check that the IrDA unit is connected.
  2. Exit the software “Mätman Check Sync” by clicking on the icon and selecting “Exit”.
  3. Restart “Mätman Check Sync” by selecting Start menu/All programs/Autostart.
  4. The lightning of the icon will now be flashing and so the synchronising will work.

Solution 2:

  1. Check that the IrDA unit is connected.
  2. Right-click on “Mätman Check Sync” and select “Open Mätman Check Sync”.
  3. Click on “Pause” and wait for about 30 sec.
  4. Click on “Activate”, and the lightning of the icon will start flashing, and so the synchronising will work.
  5. Close or minimise the window.

I started the computer and logged into Windows. Then I connected the IrDA unit in order to sync the hand unit, but it will not work. Why?
This phenomenon is eliminated in software version 1.2. For older versions do this:

It is important that the computer’s IrDA unit is activated before the sync program "Mätman Check Sync" is started. Since the sync program will start automatically when logging into Windows, the IrDA unit has to be connected before logging into Windows to work.

What happens if my computer with Mätman Check will crash or be stolen?
It is very important to take a regular backup copy of important data in the computer! This applies to all situations, but is something most people are careless with. Although today’s computers are very reliable, there is always the risk of theft and fire.
If the computer should crash or be stolen, the hand unit can no longer be synchronised in a correct way, since the data in the hand unit are no longer in the computer. All the previous measurement data also disappear, which is maybe a minor problem, if you still have the printed reports.
In the chapter "Maintenance" in the manual (on the CD-ROM), there is a description of how to take a safety backup copy of the database. If you want a real fast way, we recommend you to buy the accessory "USB memory for backup", part no. 12090. For a few Euro you will get a tool that makes the backup a child’s play, which means that the backup really will be carried out.

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