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Special yarn sensors

4_bobbins_col.gifEltex Yarn Break Sensors can be used on a variety of machines. Wherever yarns are moving during the machine operation, the Eltex sensors can be used as a Yarn Stop Motion.

Eltex sensors detect yarn movement, making them more reliable than systems only detecting yarn presence.

The piezoelectric principle ensures that all types of yarns can be monitored.

Application examples

  • Creels and winders for heatset machines
  • Prewinders
  • Roving machines
  • Glassfiber reinforcement machines
  • Sample warping machines
  • Entanglement machines
  • Cable making machines (small diameters)

Our product range is very flexible, and can be applied to most textile machines.

An Eltex Stop Motion System stops the machine if a yarn breaks or does not move when it should be moving.
This is accomplished by running the yarn through an Eltex thread break sensor, which senses the movement of the yarn and sends this information to either the electronics of the machine or the computer control or to an Eltex Central Control Unit. The machine's control or the Eltex central control unit determines if the yarn should be moving and stops the machine if a fault occurs.

Eltex sensors sense the movement of the yarn by converting the vibration of the moving yarn into an electronic signal, which is amplified and sent to the central control unit. This principle has many advantages over other methods of yarn monitoring.

Eltex sensors can monitor thread, wire, yarn, cable sliver, fiber, rope, conductive yarn, monofilament or any other type of moving strands.

Eltex detectors
  – require no maintenance or cleaning.
  – have no mechanical moving parts.
  – have a very fast reaction time.
  – are not affected by changes in humidity or temperature.
  – readily interface with your PC, PLC and other computer controls.

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